Decorating Your Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Decor

For a lot of us, redecorating the kitchen is a frightening prospect.  The idea of new cabinets, new appliances, and new floors sounds (and can) incredibly expensive.  But, by following a few simple steps, it is easy find cheap home decor for your kitchen on a tight budget.

Two classic design styles for the kitchen are:

French Country Design

This style is rather rustic. You should aim for comfortable and relaxed. Furniture should look distressed. The design brings a lot of outside elements to the indoors. Yellows are most predominate, but greens, blues, or reds are often supplemental. Stick with dark wood; that has a heavy grain ,or a whitewashed look. Roosters are very common in French decor. (more...)

Decorating Your Living Room

Outdoor ChairWhether you are purchasing a new home and decorating it for the first time or redecorating your existing home is your one stop for all your cheap home decorations and design needs. The living room is often the room most used by families and when it comes time to decorate it there are a few minor points to keep in mind.

Focal point:

This is a usually the largest object in the room. This can be a large piece of furniture, such as a nice curio cabinet, a fire place or other such object that can become the center piece or focal point of the room and the starting point for the style of room.

At you can leisurely browse through our catalog for a wide selection of cheap home decorations and accents to accentuate the decor and expand the focal point of an living room. (more...)

Getting Started with Cheap Home Decor

love_seatCheap home decor doesn't have to look cheap.  Here are a few basic tips to help you get started with decorating your home.

1. Trust yourself - Remember, you will know more about what looks good for your home than you think.

2. Identify Focal Points - Look for focal points in your rooms.  This is normally the largest, or most important element in a room, such as the fireplace in the living room.  It can also be less obvious elements, such as a large window that overlooks a garden or beautiful tree. (more...)