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Go shopping with HGTV designers as they choose eco-friendly furnishings.  I love to watch shows like this on HGTV because they always have great advice.


10 Cheap Home Decor Ideas

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The following focuses on tips and ideas on how to spruce up your cheap home decor without breaking the bank!

1.Start with a thorough cleaning. No matter what you plan on doing, making sure that everything is clean is a first step in analyzing what you want to do.

2.Consider a new paint color. Don't be afraid to try a bolder color. There are many colors and hues to choose from today that you will be sure to find the right color for the room you are considering. Or add border tape around the top of the walls for an individual touch. Border tape is a really economical way to add a new design to a room at an extremely low cost. (more...)

Cheap Home Decor

red bookcase - home decorAs the economy continues to fall into an even bigger slump it may seem hard for you to validate wanting to spruce up your cheap home decor. Between your grocery and clothing budget it may seem like it is impossible to find some extra cash to decorate your home, but with these helpful tips you can find some cheap and stylish pieces of home decor that will not break your budget.

  • Garage/Estate Sales: These are two of the best places to go if you are in search of cheap home decor. Both garage and estate sales are filled with basic, as well as, eccletic pieces that you can find for incredibly low prices. Also, do not forget that for some great basic pieces (wooden chairs, book shelves, tables, etc) you can always buy these for next to nothing and then go to your local paint store and buy a cheap can of paint to give the pieces a more original look. (more...)
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