Cheap Country Home Decor

Country can mean different things to different people. To some, country home decor can mean rustic, to others it can mean Tuscan. Country home decor is simply decorating with casual style and comfortable, natural colors. Wood and stone are the best accents for a country home decor.

Cheap Home Decor Catalogs

The internet is full of great home decor magazines for decorators on a budget. The Cheap Home Decor Store has a great catalog and so does Wholesale Mart. All you need to do is visit some of the many websites and visit their home pages. Most will have a radio button to click on if you would like a magazine mailed to you. (more...)

Cheap Asian Home Decor

Asian home decors tend to be simple and concentrate on use of space. Shoji Screens are very common in Asian home decor and help delineate your space. Rice paper lamps are another common element in Asian home decor; a soft light that displays the images on the lamp. Clean, simple colors are best for the base color, using bold colors for accent. White, black and red are very common colors in Asian home decor. (more...)

Home Decor Trends Video – Asian Style

In this video checks out some new styles and trends in home decor.

You gotta love any video that tells you how to add a Buddhist garden to your home.  That's a lot of tummies to rub! (more...)

Cheap Home Decor Items

Decorating your home on a budget doesn't require a big bankroll; it requires a big imagination. Don’t restrict yourself to what you see on the shelf when it comes to ideas. Old things often make the best new ideas, and you get to recycle at the same time. A great shabby chic table can be made by removing an old table top and replacing it with an old wooden panel door, refinished and covered with glass; it makes a great table top. You can spray an old steel gate a coordinating color and hang it on your wall. (more...)