Cheap Asian Home Decor

Asian home decors tend to be simple and concentrate on use of space. Shoji Screens are very common in Asian home decor and help delineate your space. Rice paper lamps are another common element in Asian home decor; a soft light that displays the images on the lamp. Clean, simple colors are best for the base color, using bold colors for accent. White, black and red are very common colors in Asian home decor.

rice paper lights - ikea
Creative Commons License photo credit: Photos by Mavis

Incorporate colorful silks and gold into your decor. This can be done with the window treatments or pillows. Bamboo shades can be used for window coverings as well.

Most Asian furniture is painted a glossy black. This will go very well with the bright colors of the kimono.
When planning an Asian home decor, remember that less is better and make good use of your space with clear definition as to what each space is used for.

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