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Cheap Home Decor for a Child’s Bedroom

kids room decorEvery child dreams of the perfect bedroom, but not every parent is on the dream suit budget. So here are some ways to decorate your childs bedroom the way they want by using cheap home decor, and not blow your budget.

First of all, you need to decide what style your child wants. Are you going for the "princess" theme for your little darling, or would your son want race cars and drag strips? Let them be the creative mind behind the cheap home decor. Let them have a say in what goes in their room. Let them be creative, and express themselves. After all, they sleep in here, not you.

Let Your Child Help

After you have discussed the pros and cons of different themes, and your child has chosen what they want, get them involved! Take them to the hardware store to help choose colors and fixtures. This gives them a sense of accomplishment, makes them feel like it's more their room. (more...)

Cheap Home Decor for a Teenager’s Room

lava lamp teenagers roomFlawless design on a budget can be simple by defining high style with low budget items. Cheap home decor can come in under budget but above the lines of style required for the trendy designs of a teenager’s room. Modern, well-designed and trendy rooms can be created at home.

As inspiration, many at-home designers seek ideas from design television shows, magazines and internet websites. Many sites allow the homeowner to upload a picture of the room and customize the picture with paint colors, wall treatments and the placement of furniture. (more...)

Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

side bedDecorating a master bedroom can create fabulous styles! Just because you are using cheap home decor doesn’t mean that the room doesn’t have to any less stylish or modern than a high budget room!

Choose a color of the bedroom. Bold colors should be left to accessories and accents as they can create drama within the room. A master bedroom is a place of safety, or serenity and the most personal of styles. Cheap home decor can be as colorful as you like. Choose two to three decorations that create a statement and place them throughout the master bedroom. Having too many of these random objects may decrease the definition of the style of the room. (more...)

Decorating Your Dining Room

dining room table decorThe dining room is an integral part of your home. It is the place where your family meets to enjoy dinner together and share about their day. The dining room can also be the hardest place to decorate, especially if you are on a budget. Here are some cheap home decor ideas that can make your dining room a joy to look at and comfortable to eat in. (more...)

Decorating Your Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Decor

For a lot of us, redecorating the kitchen is a frightening prospect.  The idea of new cabinets, new appliances, and new floors sounds (and can) incredibly expensive.  But, by following a few simple steps, it is easy find cheap home decor for your kitchen on a tight budget.

Two classic design styles for the kitchen are:

French Country Design

This style is rather rustic. You should aim for comfortable and relaxed. Furniture should look distressed. The design brings a lot of outside elements to the indoors. Yellows are most predominate, but greens, blues, or reds are often supplemental. Stick with dark wood; that has a heavy grain ,or a whitewashed look. Roosters are very common in French decor. (more...)